Most Exciting School Fete Stall Ideas

These simple pointers will guide you through the task of organizing a successful fete. Makes sure you have fun amidst all the hard work.School fetes are all about having fun and enjoying. It is the best way to raise funds for the school. However, the committee in charge has a lot to do more than just have fun. They are put in charge of the biggest responsibility; ORGANIZING. Now, a school fete can be exciting and fun or lame and boring. It is up to the committee to organize a successful school fete that’ll get everyone’s attention. In order to do so you will need some exciting ideas and stall designs. Fortunately, this article is all about that.

Haunted house

This is one of the most exciting stalls that gets everyone all hyped and excited. Haunted house is a place in which you can explore your imaginations. Get a creative committee and let them go wild and create a scary haunted house. You don’t have to spend a lot on such a stall. Getting the students to dress up in scary costumes, creating certain effects and designs through various materials and technology (having a computer wiz in the designing team will help with this) and creating some scenes from horror movies will get the haunted house on point.

Bumper cars

Another great stall is bumper cars or corporate games hire Geelong. This is something that many enjoy and it is definitely a common favorite amongst many. Having such a ride will be a lot of fun. The kids, specially, will enjoy the carnival.


Now this is one stall that you can customize the way you like. You can go with dunk-a-teacher or a dun-a-student or so. What makes this exciting is that many would love to have a favorite person on the hot seat or someone who is not the typical fun persona at school. Get some volunteers, don’t forget to ask your senior or teachers, they might want to get in on the action. You can create more best thrill rides in Melbourne like this. All you need is some good old brain storming and you might come up with a new, innovative and unique dunk-a-.. stall.

Cotton candy

No fete is successful without a cotton candy or fairy floss stall. Amidst all the food stalls this is the most favorite due to many reasons. It is both cheap and the typical school fete stall that kids line up in. If it is a hot season you can add a snow cone stall as well.

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